My handbags were designed around Kate Spade's first bags. My bags, however,
are more "soft" construction, with a more firm bottom insert. The shape of my
bags are slightly inverted trapezoid, with the longest line, across the top of the bag.
Straps are made of matching purse fabric and just long enough to place them over
your shoulder.

I feature Asian silk/rayon handbags, tapestry handbags, and chenille handbags
and totes. My Signature Handbags range in price from $75.00 to $150.00.


SIZES (all sizes are approximations):

Small Handbag:
6.5" tall, 10" across the bottom, 2" wide on the bottom sides

Medium Handbag:
7.5" tall, 12" across the top, 9.5" across the bottom, 3" wide on bottom sides

Large Handbag:
9" tall, 14" across the top, 10.5" across the bottom, 4" wide on bottom sides


Totes are tapestry and chenille fabrics and are slightly larger than the LARGE
handbag. Totes have long straps of matching fabric and hang comfortably
by your hip.




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