Betsy Ross Linens
  Handmade Specialty Items




Most people think that because I have this famous name, I learned to sew at an early age.  The truth is, I taught myself to sew when I became a massage therapist in 1988.  Flannel sheets for a massage table are very expensive and I thought that I could make them myself for a much lower cost.  When I designed a special flannel cover for theface rest cradle and started marketing them, Betsy Ross Linens was born.

It wasn't until 1992 that I started working with tapestry fabrics.  My grandmother was going to celebrate her
90th birthday and I wanted to make her a special birthday gift.   From that idea, my first tapestry,envelope style purses and eye glass cases were designed.  In 1995 I needed luggage for a trip and I jumped into making a duffel bag.  


Soon after, a very famous client, Linda Ronstadt saw my first duffel bag.  She fell in love with it and requested I make her several bags just like it in different tapestry fabrics.  Her order gave me the courage to try other items.  Accessory cases and chenille tote bags were later added to the line. The idea for baby blankets was expanded into big comfy blankets for adults, and so the throw blankets were added.  


In the last six years, I have branched out into working with Asian silks, making evening bags and Feng Shui wall hangings.  Most recently, I've been working with cotton prints for the new Market Bags, and Hot/ColdPacks.  From these simple beginning's Betsy Ross Linens has continued to grow.